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Slot Machine Strategy

Slot machines contain a random number generator (RNG) micro-computer that, even while the machine is not being used, generates random numbers. Each number corresponds with a position on each of the reels in the machine. When you pull the handle, or in the case of online slots, click the spin button, the reel spinning is only for show. The machine displays the reel positions that match the last set of random numbers that were generated. Each play of the machine is completely random and is based on that precise moment that you pulled the handle or clicked the button. Unless you are a believer of the intuitive powers of the mind to decipher the perfect moment to strike, there is no secret that can insure you walk away with the jackpot. The following tips will, however, help you walk into the casino or log on to a slots website with a little more confidence as you develop your own slot machine strategy.

Different Types of Machines

There are a bewildering number of different types of slot machines to choose from in any given casino. There are different games, jackpot sizes, coin denominations and number of coin options. So what machine should you go for to increase your odds of cashing in?

Lower Denomination = Lower Payout Percentage

First of all, the lower the machine’s denomination, the lower the payout percentage it will generally have, as you will notice in our Top Casino Payouts section. If you play the nickel slots, you’ll increase your odds of winning by switching to $1 or $2 machines, which typically have a higher payout percentage. Make sure to check out the payout percentage for each slot machine to be sure – and be careful, slot machines are often arranged in groups that do not necessarily have the same payout percentage.

The More Coins, the Higher the Odds, the Higher the Payout

Most of the time the only way you can hit the jackpot is by playing the maximum coins. Most slot machines have a payout table on them showing the payout for each number of coins you can put in. If you put more coins in, this generally also increases your odds of winning.

Avoid Linked Progressive Jackpot Games

It may be tempting to go for the huge jackpots by playing on linked machines, but the truth is, these machines have a much lower payout rate than non-linked ones; somewhere around 82% compared with the high 90’s of some other types. Play the linked games for fun, but expect to lose a little more money.

Know Your Machine

Before beginning play on a particular machine, remember to read thoroughly the instructions for that slot machine. Otherwise, you may think that you’ve hit the jackpot, only to discover that you actually didn’t put enough coins in to qualify for the big payout.

Go For the Comps

An important aspect of slot machine strategy, and one of the easiest ways to extend your budget, is to get a comp card. Most casinos give out cards that reward you with cash based on the amount of money you bet over time. They will also give you discounts on meals, rooms and other special offerings. Getting a comp card is an especially good idea if you’re a frequent flier in the slot circuit

Join Online Slots Websites That Offer Signup Bonuses

Playing slots online is very much like playing casino-based machines, which use computers to generate their combinations anyway. Some online casinos, such as, offer a 300% sign up bonus, and some places may offer free spins as a sign up incentive. It is unlikely that you’ll find a land-based casino that offers such deals, so it’s a good idea to include ‘taking advantage of online slots’ in your slot machine strategy book. Odds are also generally better at online casinos, so if you’d rather skip the drinks, the meal, and the performance by Elton John and go for the winnings, your best bet is to stay at home.

Talk to the Locals

Casinos will sometimes advertise that they have a 98% payout rate with their machines, but all of their slot machines will not fall under this payout percentage. To find a loose machine, try asking the change person (offer them a cut of your winnings if they resist), or even better yet, talk to the local players or observe which machines are most popular with them. The locals will often have a well developed slot machine strategy and will stay away from tight machines.

Manage Your Bankroll

This is such an important topic that it deserves a page of its own. Luckily, we have one here. Check it out and learn to manage your money like the pros!

Whatever strategy you use while playing slots, take your time, take it easy, and have fun. If you’re ready to test out your own slot machine strategy, check out this free slot game, or if you’re ready to lay some cash on the line check out the casino slots here.

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