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Slot Gambling Myths

A lot of myths have developed about slot machines over the decades, some of them quite ridiculous. The aim of this section is to put some of those myths to rest!

Slot Gambling Myth #1

Myth: “Whoever says you can't beat the slot machines is wrong! Dead wrong! I know this because since I discovered my little secret, I have walked away with thousands of dollars in winnings! And I guarantee that you can beat the slot machines every time you play!”

Fact: This quote, from a slot machine secrets site, fails to take into account that slot machines randomly generate their combinations every time, using the same odds. Of course, you can use strategies to find the loose machines, etc., but the fact is, you cannot expect a miracle “every time you play” unless you are a psychic or telekinetic superhero, in which case you should be out using your powers for the good of humanity.

Slot Gambling Myth #2

Myth: The casinos move their high payout machines so that people will not find them.

Fact: The casinos do not move loose machines simply because people find and play them. They want them to be played. When people see and hear someone hitting a jackpot, it is a strong motivation to pump more money into their own machine. It may also bring other players into the area the jackpot was won, and casinos will not likely put two loose machines side by side.

Slot Gambling Myth #3

Myth: I just left a machine and someone hit a jackpot on it! That could have been me if I had stayed!

Fact: As mentioned before on this site, slot machines contain a random number generator (RNG) micro-computer that, even while the machine is not being used, generates random numbers. When you pull the lever, the machine displays the reel positions that match the last set of random numbers that were generated. Each play of the machine is completely random and is based on that precise moment that you pulled the handle or clicked the button. It is extremely unlikely that you would have pulled the lever at the same exact millisecond that your supposed jackpot thief did. For more information on this, see our The Slot Machine Secret: The RNG section.

Slot Gambling Myth #4

Myth: Casinos can loosen or tighten slot machines with the simple flip of a switch.

Fact: The RNG chip determines the payback percentage. These are preset at the factory and in order for the payback percentage to change, the chip must be changed. What with the expensive nature of such chips and the paper work that must be filled out and submitted to the Casino Control Commission of that particular area, it is unlikely that casinos would replace them.

Slot Gambling Myth #5

Myth: My machine hasn’t been paying out, so it must be due for a hit! I’ll keep sinking the coinage in, and eventually I will come out victorious!

Fact: As mentioned in Slot Gambling Myth #3, each spin is a completely random occurrence and is not influenced by what has happened at that machine previously.

Slot Gambling Myth #6

Myth: If I heat or cool my coins, the temperature will affect the payout of the machine.

Fact: My God man, what the hell are you talking about? I know these “computer” things that have recently been invented to mathematically carry out various duties for us organic beings are a little new, but unless slot machine manufacturers are wasting money by installing temperature measuring devices into their machines, this myth is completely unfounded.

Slot Gambling Myth #7

Myth: If I use my comp card the machine will not pay as much.

Fact: A very damaging myth indeed. The cards have no bearing on the RNG or the combinations it generates. If you don’t use your card, you are simply denying yourself goodies the casino might have otherwise offered you.

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